Red wings legends you must know

Here is the list of the most prominent players and the deeds they have done for Detroit team, everyone must know.

Most penalty minutes in a season: Bob Probert (398 minutes)

In his breakout 1987-88 season, Bob had his best career scoring of 62 for the first and only time in his life. making it to the All-Star Game. But even more incredible, along the way he set Red Wings record for penalty time with 398 penalty minutes.
It is clear that in today’s NHL this achievement cannot be beaten. The number of fights in game has been declining every year, and tough guy type of player has died out as a class. It’s rare in recent years for someone to score 200 penalty minutes in season. Bob can look down from the heavens (note Probert died in 2010) and know that he will forever be part of Red Wings record book.




Most wins in a season: 1995-96 Detroit Red Wings (62 wins)

During the 1995-96, they tore everyone in their path and scored 62 wins (13 losses and 7 ties). Those 62 wins are both a franchise and league record. Led by Steve Yzerman, Paul Coffey and the Russian Five, recovering from a shutout in the Stanley Cup Finals against New Jersey the year before, the Red Wings beat nearly every team they faced. Given the parity of power in today’s NHL, it’s very unlikely that anyone in the future will be able to surpass this achievement.




Highest Plus/Minus in a Season: Vladimir Konstantinov (+60)

Formerly part of the Russian Five that dominated the 1995-96, defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov set the franchise record for plus/minus in a single period. His +60 reading is strong evidence of how dominant the Russian Five were on both sides of the court. While that pales in comparison to the NHL achievement
(+124 for Bobby Orr in 1970-71), in today’s game, it’s highly unlikely that anyone can come close to that number. No player has even reached +40 since Jeff Schultz and Alexander Ovechkin did so in 2009-10.




Most shutouts in a season: Terry Savchuk/Glenn Hall

Although this achievement is shared by two goaltenders, Terry Savchuk is the true holder of the record. He kept clean sheets 12 times in three different seasons (1951-52, 1953-54, 1954-55, in each of these seasons the Red Wings took the Stanley Cup). Glenn Hall repeated this record in 1955-56.





Despite less scoring and more goaltending in today’s NHL, goaltenders are now having a much tougher time playing against 4 lines of skilled outfield players at once. No Red Wings goaltender has achieved double-digit shutouts since that same Glenn Hal.





Most career assists: Steve Yzerman (1,063 assists)

Very impressive when you break one of Gordie Howe’s achievements. Steve Yzerman did it and now holds the franchise achievement
for career assists with 1,063 assists. Yzerman broke Howe’s record in 2003-04, his 21st season with the team.