Jack McCloskey became manager of club and everything changed

He himself only played one game in the NBA for the Philadelphia Warriors, was head coach at Portland (1972-1974, 48 wins-116 losses) and assistant to Jerry West at Lakers. But he will be destined to go down in history precisely as a brilliant manager and captain of the Detroit Pistons basketball ship, which, under his leadership, will sail to the championship (even two).

In 1979/80 season, Detroit Pistons basketball club won only 16 victories, having 2 stars, two Bobs – Lanir and McAdoo. In his first year in office, McCloskey got rid of both – in the myths about building a new world, there must be victims at the base. And the foundation of future was point guard Isiah Thomas selected with the second number in the 1981 draft.

In 1982, Bill Laimbeer and Vinnie Johnson appeared in the club, the 18 pick in the 1985 draft turns into Joe Dumars, under the 11 and 27 (!) Numbers of 1987 draft, McCloskey chooses John Sally and Dennis Rodman, and as a result of exchanges, to the basketball team comes Rick Mahorn, Adrian Dantley and James Edwards. Plus, in ’83, Chuck Daley became the coach, and the Pistons made playoffs every year while Daly was in charge, although before that, since the team moved to Detroit in 1957, they could not achieve at least a positive ratio wins and losses in two seasons in a row.
So McCloskey, who was nicknamed “Trader Jack” for abundance of exchanges, had to build a basketball team in the conditions of its constant growth and development.

Fans are the same face of the team as, in fact, the performers on the site

And if in New York or Los Angeles basketball clubs can boast an impressive glamorous party in the stands, then in Detroit everything is a little different.
His name was Leon M. Bradley, but everyone knew him as Leon The Barber – Leon the Barber. It is easy to guess that he got his nickname because he was a hairdresser in a local salon.

He was also known as the most devout Detroit Pistons basketball fan for 22 years until his death in 1992. He was known primarily for his sharp tongue and florid insults, which he, a black “blue collar”, showered millionaires with their noses high on site. Even stars like Bob Lanier got it.
Initially, Leon sat right behind the Detroit basketball bench and brought down streams of humiliation on the heads of the players on the home team. But after complaints from players, and after then-Pistons coach Dick Vitale was kicked off the bench several times after misattributing Leon’s remarks about refereeing decisions to him, Mr. Bradley was politely moved to another seat. Right behind the away team players.