Truth Staff

Current Truth Staff Members

Season 3 Staff Members

Joe McDanielAngelo FilecciaKara MarkusenDave DaneseJosh LobdellZooby Qizilbash

Season 1 Staff Members

Season 1 started filming in Dave Danese’s basement in January of 2012 and their first show at UDetroit Cafe started Feburary 11th and went thru June 2012. Jason, Mario and Lester were added to the staff once they started broadcasting downtown.

Jon LudwigChris RenwickDave DaneseStan WhitehouseJason VickersLester MarksRob WiseMario D

Season 2 Staff Members

Season 2 was filmed entirely at Fifth Avenue Royal Oak and ended with our Girl Next Door Yearly Event with Natalie light winning Girl of the Year.

Chris RenwickDave DaneseStan WhitehouseDenise FMark RMario D

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