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What 2 Free Agents Would Save Dave Dombrowski this Off Season

With all the free agent hype around what Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder are going to do this year, right now would be a perfect time to go after 2 other players for Dave Dombrowski and the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers won the division in 2011 but still have many holes to fill for the 2012 season if they want to keep up the momentum. There are glaring holes in the infield with only Miguel Cabrera and Jhonny Peralta returning as starters. We have no “go to” pitcher besides Justin Verlander and no speed, lead off hitter of defensive OF besides Austin Jackson. While the Tigers already have $82M committed in salary, we have to either pack it up and start over… or go for it all and spend some money. I believe that going after IF Jose Reyes and SP Roy Oswalt would fill enough holes to justify spending the money and going for it all. The only question is…will Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski do it? Here are my reasons why we should for both players.

J.Reyes: 2011 Stats
Average .337
Runs 101
2B 31
3B 16
SB 39

SS/2B Jose Reyes: Reyes can not only play shortstop and second base for the Tigers, but it would allow us flexibility and depth in the infield with Peralta being able to play 3rd and SS. We desperately need speed on the base paths having only one player steal over 6 bases last year.  After A.Jackson’s 22 stolen bases the next closest Tigers was OF Brennan Boesch with 5! With that lack of production on the base paths other teams pitchers have no fear of a Tiger taking off on them and it’s a threat that can change the mindset of the opposing team. It’s a tool the Tigers don’t have and adding a player like Reyes and his 370 career steals in 9 seasons would defiantly change that.  Reyes is only 28 years old and having a reputation of stealing bases like he does, he wouldn’t even need to steal a base to be on the opposing pitchers mind…he only needs to get to 1st base. As  for getting to first base…Reyes hit a career high .337 last year, with 39 steals and 101 runs scored. Only stuck out 41 times in 537 at bats, led the majors in triples (16) and had 31 doubles. In a park like Comerica someone with his speed and patience at the plate, he would thrive hitting in front of Cabrera and V-Mart. Jose Reyes will command 6-7 years and $100M on the market but when you fill 5 different area’s of need for a team (speed, SS, 2B, lead off hitter, AVG), it’s better to pay 1 superstar $100M rather than getting 4-5 average players that cost $80M that aren’t as good in any of the area’s of need.

SP Roy Oswalt: At 34 years old and coming off a career worst 1.341 WHIP and a 3.69 ERA (2nd worst) he is certain to have to take a 1-2 year “prove yourself” contract. The Tigers won’t be able to outbid the Yankees (who have already shown interest) and won’t be able to go after Oswalt unless they sign Reyes first. The first step here is Reyes and then when you go to Oswalt with the sales pitch of division champs in a weak division with Carbrera, V-Mart, Reyes, Jackson, Avila, Peralta and Verlander… it sounds a lot more intriguing to Oswalt. You add in the fact that you beat the Yankees last year in the playoffs and if a ring is what you want.. then where else you going to find a better chance!? Answer… NO WHERE.. where you going… NO WHERE!


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  1. No go to pitchers besides JV? What about Doug Fister? Dombrowski has said over and over that the Tigers won’t sign another 20 million dollar player. (we already have two) You are one of the most uninformed wirters I have ever read. Please write about something that could actually happen and forget about Jose Reyes.

    • Fister has not pitched long enough to be called “proven” or a “go to guy”. He had a good year no doubt, but after only 1 solid season he is far from proven. He has to show more then that to be in that category. As far as what Dumb-browski said… that means nothing to me. He said Brandon Inge was good last year and he said $10M was worth spending on Maggio.. and had to replace both by the break! He said Renteria was worth Jergins and Robertson was worth $8M a year. My point to the article was not what he “said” but rather what he “should” be thinking. But very awesome comment and keep em coming

      • Dumb-browski??? Really? What about Miguel Cabrerra? Jhonny Peralta? Doug Fister? Delmon Young? Victor Martinez? Jose Valverde? Ivan Rodriguez? Magglio Ordonez (2005-2010)? Kenny Rogers? Yea he’s made some bad moves but without him the Tigers would still be in the basement. He has been a huge part of the Tigers turnaround and to call him dumb just shows your stupidity. Ohh and he made the decision to start drafting guys like Jacob Turner, Justin Verlander, and Rick Porcello. You must not remember what it was like to be a Tigers fan before Dombrowski came along.

  2. Roy Oswalt has not had a good season in quite some time now. The Tigers would be better of resigning Brad Penny. He won 11 games as a number 5 starter and gave the Tigers over 200 innings. You can’t really ask or expect more from a fifth starter.

    The Tigers have very good starting pitching and it has a great amount of potential. These pitchers are all young and have great arms. My only concern is Porcello losing speed of his fastball at his age.

    I would like to see more speed on the team, but at what cost. We all seem to forget how far the Tigers got this season and how good they are. Getting to the final 4 is not the goal, but a heck of a lot better than all but 3 other teams in the bigs. I think the Tigers get to the final 2 in 2012.