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  1. Harvey

    really hope they leave crybaby worth in the minors

  2. Arv Edgeworth

    I think the solution is, just what the Tigers are doing, let the position be won on the field. Why give the starting job to anyone right now? Players do really well one year, not so well the next. If Ramon starts, you probably have to keep Worth as a back-up, and send one of the young outfielders to the minors or trade them. I hope Brandon has a great year. They say he has bulked up a little and looks stronger. He was hitting and playing pretty well in September I believe. Him winning the job and having Ramon in his familiar back-up role, might be the best scenario as to what is actually best for the team overall. Naming Inge your utility man now, regardless as to what happens on the field, doesn’t sound like what would be best for the team. Why don’t we wait and see how it plays out first?

  3. john murdick

    Basically agree with you on all counts except the last one of using Inge in a utility role. You wrote that Inge has voiced his unwillingness to accept that role. OK.. fine.. we got nothing for ya son. It’s pack your bags time. Thanks for the memories. Fact is Inge was a likeable underdog who, on occasion, showed streaks of “grandness”.. (can’t really call it “greatness”).. He hit 27 HR’s in a season (twice) but with caveats.. In ’09 he hit 24 dingers BEFORE the All Star break and it earned him a trip to the midsummer classic. Then he actually thought “ya, I’ll hit in the homerun derby contest.” How many did he hit? Oh ya… ZERO! I’m digressing.. He flashed some leather on occasion. He started to go downhill in ’09 when his knees gave out. That’s why he only had 3 HR’s after the All Star game that year after hitting 24 before it. Back to the utility role this year.. Tigers already have that covered with BETTER PLAYERS. Santiago, Kelly, Worth, Dirks, and Thomas all spell utility better than Inge now.. and oh yes, Ryan Raburn. One could make a case that the current Tigers have six everyday position players (Avila C, Fielder 1B, Peralta SS, Cabrera 3B, Jackson CF, and Boesch RF) and the rest are platoon/utility (Raburn, Santiago, Young, Kelly..et al)… No I think Leyland has been placating Inge cuz he’s always had a soft spot for him.. and I agree.. it is an insult to Santiago to allow Inge to “tryout” at 2B. It speaks volumns about Ramon’s professionalism that he has remained silent on this issue. Leyland is going to do with Inge what he did with Sheffield a few years back… cut him right at the end of Spring Training… Frankly, I’ve lost a lot of respect for Inge this past year… he was playing horribly yet has acted like it’s just a lull or something and that the team somehow owes him something… Asking to tryout @ 2nd base is his last desparate attempt to stay on the roster (can’t blame him for wanting to stay) but Leyland and DD need to put an end to this crap and bid him Happy Trails…

  4. Jimmy

    i think we all agree the tigers should have enough offense to handle most games, i would say your right we wont get anyone to take his contract , so we should let him and Santiago fight it out in spring training to see who starts at 2nd ,both are better then average in the field, so let there bats decide who deserves to start in April, we all think it will be Santiago in the end but ya never know.

    one thing for sure is FULL TILT POKER still sucks , and they still got my $ 500.00 bucks


    go Tigers

    1. Detroit Sports 360

      Soooo Excited for tigers season!


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