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Clip: 1st half with D.McLain
The Sports Truth Show
Duration: 25:23 min
Guests: Denny McLain
Description: Denny McLain Interview with Dave Danese and Chris R as they talk about the Detroit Tigers and more
The Sports Truth Show
Clip: 2nd half with guest
Duration: 19:46 min
Guests: Nate Tucker
Description: The Fantasy Sideline Show Co-Host Nate Tucker joins Jason and Chris as they talk sports and more…
The Sports Truth Show
Photos: Photo Gallery of Girls
Gallery: 29 Photos
Description: This is the photo gallery of the event with Denny and all the 360 Calendar Girls in the Pics with Truth Staff


The Sports Truth Show
Full Show
Duration: 90:25 min
GuestsChef Rob
Description: Chris returns to the show after being sick and Dave fills him in on the smack talk…
The Sports Truth Show
Clip: Daves List of Demands
Duration: 5:45 min
Description: Dave Danese acts famous and has Chris read his list of demands, funny clip.
The Sports Truth Show
Clip: Chef Rob Dish of Day Duration: 15:25 min
Guests: Chef Rob
Description: Chef Rob comes on the show and gives us a taste of great new dish… 


The Sports Truth Show
Full Show
Duration: 90:25 min
Guests: Sean Baligian, Jeff MossDescription: Dave and Adam talk latests sports news and interview Sean Baligian and Jeff Moss
The Sports Truth Show
Clip: Chris Call in Excuses
Duration: 5:25 min
Guests:Description: Dave and Adam talk about the top excuses for missing host Chris R and Adam has best one.
The Sports Truth Show
Clip: Baligian and Moss
Duration: 25:50 min
Guests: Sean Baligian, Jeff MossDescription: Discussion gets heated and Moss is visibly upset, must watch


The Sports Truth Show The Sports Truth Show
Natalie Light Interview
Duration: 18:49 min
Guests: Natalie Light
Description:  Full interview of Natalie Light of the Girl Next Door Contest and current Calendar Girl.
The Sports Truth Show



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