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  1. Timothy Hawkins


  2. @ Your Weak Analysis

    Your stats are cherry picked. Montana wins just as many head to head battles. Not to mention passing inflation makes head to head comparisons difficult. Bottom line, there will ALWAYS be a comparison between Montana, Graham, Unitas, Brady. Heck, even throw in Manning for good measure. Peyton, that is.

  3. Chet

    For the above listed comment, do you just like to argue to hear yourself talk. It’s not like this isn’t the only site discussing this, there are thousands of sites that feel Tom Brady may be the best all time. Is he….well in all reality no one can ever determine that. It’s a matter of opinion. As for this article cherry picking stats is like saying only looking at HR’s in baseball, point per game in the NBA and Championships in the NCAA is cherry picking. He picked the stats that fans care about, and yes Tom leads or is close to the top in all of those stats. Also Joe got to stick with a core of super-stars and too had a great coach and owner. Tom’s only constant in his 5 Super Bowls is his coach and he’s done it for the most part with no D or running game. .Manning is great in a Marino kinda way while in my opinion only Joe can be placed above or at the level of Tom. As for using inflation as an excuse give that a rest. The entire species of athletes has changed, so nothing is the same, it won’t stop people from comparing in any sport. It’s mainly for the fans…in truth Tom is a Hall of Fame QB and in many peoples minds with to down as the greatest, you can argue until your blue in the face but that won’t change. So just give the man his just due he’s great at what he does simply put.

    1. eric

      Joe Montana won Nfl reg season mvp, come back player of the year, 3 superbowl mvp and what should have been a co win with rice for his fourth, because he threw for 327 and 3 touchdowns. Not to mention joe in the biggest game of the season never faulted. Joe completed 68% of his passes, threw for almost 1200 yards, had an amazing 11 tds. And then to top that he never threw a INT!!! And your arguement on Joe having the same core is not true….. jerry rice, John Taylor, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, Brent Jones and even his coach Bill walsh were not there for every Superbowl win…..JOE WAS. Joe’s 49ers went 18-1 in a season but won the game that matter. Joe played against Dan Marnio and John Elway and out performed them every time. Plus stats are bloated these days, you cant touch the Receiver before, during and you can only touch him a certain way after the catch. The QB’s don’t get touched so every team throws the ball 45 times a game. And finally the 49ers never had to spy on a team to give them the edge.
      BUT………… if David Tyree and Manningham dont make Amazing Catches to extend drives…..Brady goes 5-0 and I have no defense. buts don’t win games though.

  4. BKisforSF

    “When the it matters most, Tom Brady is at his best! In 4 total games Tom Brady has 156 attempts and only 1 INT! ”

    In 4 total wins, three MVPs Joe Montana has 122 attempts, ZERO INTs, 11 TDs and 2 Rush TDs. Ergo is the best. Amongst many other reasons.


    Tom Brady 3-2 in the Super Bowl…..greatest…nope….lousy pass to Welker and he wouldn’t take ownership of it after the game.

  6. Bob River Vale, NJ

    Your case for Brady is full of holes. for instance:
    –The Pats Defense won 3 Super bowls, not Brady. His stats were decent in 1 SB and sub par the other 2. D had 4 INTs against Waner and many other turnovers to help win all 3 SBs all by last minute FGs.
    -Brady did not win 1 SB MVP in a game that the QB wins the MVP almost all the time.
    -Brady 50 TDs with many more passes than Peyton at 49 TDs.
    -Peyton’s individual highest season rating was 4% higher than Brady and best all time until Rogers broke it by 1% whn he chose to sit out the last game to preserve the record(cluck cluck)
    -bad coaching cost peyton to lose last SB. Peyton’s losing stats betteer than any of Brady’s SB stats ever!!!-Peyton was the only active player voted in the top 100 players all time (#7) by 85 top experts and the fans in separate votings.
    -Peyton voted 3rd best QB all tine in same voting, brady #8.
    -14 of 17 living hall of fame QBS voted Peyton better than Brady.
    -Peyton was fastest to reach 50,000 yards.
    I could go on and on…bottom line you do not know the facts, period.

    1. Holmeslice

      Bob River,

      Lets talk about holes:

      -The Pats defense supposedly won 3 superbowls? They gave up 29 pts to Carolina in SBXXXVIII.
      -The D only picked off Warner twice in SB XXVI.. and couldnt hold the Rams when it counted. Brady led 2 game winning drives in the first 2 bowls.
      -Brady may have thrown more passes for 50 than Peyton did for 49 but he threw less picks. Brady=8 to manning=10.
      -Bad coaching lost Peyton the Superbowl.. You’re right..I remember Coach Caldwell throwing a pick six in the last few minutes of the game.. terrible coaching. idiot.
      -Lets also talk about Peytons Superbowl MVP.. He threw for 247 yards with a lost fumble, TD and pick. Dominic Rhodes rushed for 113 yards averaging 5.4 yards a carry.. Peyton got that MVP because of who he is not what he did..
      I could go on and on and would make you look silly..
      -Manning has also played longer than Brady. That is why he has more career TD’s and Passing yards.. He has more than 3,000 more attempts plus he plays in a cozy dome. Brady plays half of his games in cold weather and still has a better career passer rating than Manning.
      –Also..the most important of all…You cannot be considered a “winner” when your playoff record is below .500..


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