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  1. ilovewings

    I love your optimism but honestly, they will have to do a 180 to win this series. They drive me to exasperation with their inability to put the biscuit in the basket over the past 5 or so weeks. I just think the massive injuries occurred at a terrible time and has disturbed their chemistry and rhythm. and oh, don’t forget their horrendous powerless powerplay. Look I love the wings and hope I am wrong. Go Wings.

    1. Garrett K

      Thanks for the comment! I couldn’t agree with you more about the anemic PP and the chemistry/rhythm of this hockey team. But there are players on this team who are locker room leaders and have been here before. As I mentioned in my article, the Red Wings are out of the spotlight for this series and they have never been in a situation like this before. Will that help them out or will they falter? I guess we have to wait and see tonight.


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