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  1. AtlantaMelo

    You lost credibility when you suggest getting Kelly Johnson from Atlanta.

    1. Dave D

      Yeah darn it.. you are right.. I messed up. I actually wrote my last article on Kelly Johnson and I know he was with Toronto this year. I kjnow with Arizona year before also. I just saw Atlanta jersey on Prada and had a momentary laps…Honest mistake… my bad.

  2. Byron Hauck

    I’d trade Delmon Young for Martin Prado and cover his entire salary if necessary. Young’s “productive” stretch with the Tigers included sub-.300 OBPs in both the regular season and the playoffs. The 10 HRs in 49 games is great, but it’s not worth making an out more than 70% of the time you get to bat. Prado didn’t get on base any better last year, but he was hurt, his career OBP is 40 points higher than last year, and he wouldn’t be taking up a corner outfield slot in Detroit. I’ll take Prado’s average defense at 3rd or slightly below average defense at 2nd over Young’s bad defense in left, too. This is a no-brainer, which is why I strongly doubt this trade will ever happen. Here’s hoping though.

  3. Cody

    You clearly do absolutely no research on the players you write about or the guys in charge of these players. Get over your love for Jose Reyes. He is an injury waiting to happen and Dombrowski has said MANY times that we aren’t going to add another expensive player to this roster. As for this article, Delmon Young is a league average player with decent potential. Stop looking at just batting average, home runs and RBIs, you moron. There is waaay more to the story then those.

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