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  1. Eric

    I’m sorry to say this, but i think the Lions and Suh will be a big let down. I think Suh will be lucky to reach 5 Sacks this year because all the new attention he will receive, however i think that this will allow for the other 3 down lineman to increase sack production. But with the Linebackers not seeming to want to tackle and the DB’s being average at best, i feel this defense will be a huge letdown and give out big play after big play, i mean can’t anyone see in preseason when half the time our starting defense was out there we had to make a tackle down the field? I think 1 Veteran LB such as FA Lance Briggs and another good CB/S would help immensely.

  2. Kev

    Suh That!! Suh-nami Suh-you, no Suh me..MVP though???? The bar is up there.

  3. Ken

    Maybe I dreamed the whole pre-season. I watch our starting LB’s make plays in the backfield many times. They used their speed to close up most of the holes long before anything broke downfield. In the 1st 3 games where it was mostly our #1’s and #2’s we held each team to under 300 yards of offense. Our starting LB’s have enough speed to line up off the ball in preparation for the pass and accelerate to the hole when the ball is handed off. They did this time and again in pre-season. And while SUH was double teamed on almost every down last year and he still was dominate. If they dedicate 2 bodies to him that opens things up for inside blitzes, which we saw in pre-season, but didn’t last year. This defense is still evolving and will only get better.

  4. Karlos Man of Love

    Great article. Suh is an animal and anybody who thinks otherwise better sleep with both eyes open. He makes believers outta doubters. It’s gotta be hard for QB’s to have the attention to detail necessary in this league when you damn well know they got a Suhnami on their mind! Keep up the good work Justin!


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