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  1. mike

    Bro, you totally messed up my suggestion to Coach S. It is “The Ghost and the Darkness” not “Ghost lamp Darkness”. What is Ghost Lamp Darkness anyway? All I am saying is that at least mine was original. LOL! This name thing is not about jumping to conclusions; it is to boost morale on the football club.

    If you know anything about Coach Schwartz he doesn’t care what the media say about the Lions he wants them to believe in themselves and they are starting to do just that. Coach has done a great job for this team and I am very happy about him turning around the mentality on the team. I am not too happy about the “Silver Crush” either as I wanted to win the contest but that is cool that Coach gave me some love for being original with my suggestion.

    If you are a fan of the Lions don’t spread negativity about them, there is already enough of that; you might think the moniker is lame but it does no one any favors slamming it in a blog that people can read. Just support the guys (Lions) and go watch their games if there is a season. You won’t be disappointed with their play because they play hard every game, which was obvious last year. This team is different and I know that has been said a jillion times but it is true. There are big things ahead for the Detroit Lions.


  2. Steve P


    Value your comments and thanks for responding. I think the nickname is lame, and I wanted people to know my thoughts. I think the lions are moving in the right direction, but prove it on the field. They have a 4 game winning streak, GREAT! We have been a sorry franchise for too long, and enough is enough. I like Schwartz and what he has done, but if they want to boost morale then get rid of this stupid lockout!

    Anybody else wants to chime in??

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  4. eebest8

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