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Lions at the Eagles or everything that is wrong with the Lions and the NFL

We could adequately sum up the Detroit Lions at the Philadelphia Eagles game from this afternoon with one simple phrase.  Simply “Same Old Lions.” It is really that easy because any person who has had the bad luck to root for this team over the years knows exactly what that statement means. They will play great in the games they should lose and they will lose games that they really should win.Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles

No more excuses this team has too much talent to let them off the hook once more. It boils down to this: Good football teams go into Pittsburgh and get a win, Good football teams go into Philadelphia and win (I do not care about the weather conditions), Good football teams do not turn the ball over as much as the Lions do, good football teams do not get beat by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home, and good football teams find a way to win, regardless of the circumstance. Not the other way around. On top of that…Good D lines, which are built with there first round draft picks do not get dominated in the second half of a must win game. Good football teams, like the Eagles, trust in their coaches and the more their coaches coach the better the result is. In Detroit we have the opposite. The more coaching this staff does the worst the result generally is.

While I don’t want to make excuses and while I don’t care about the conditions. We do have to take some time and point out the two really bad calls that were made in this game. The first was a roughing the passer personal foul call on DT Nick Fairley who laid a clean hit on Eagles QB Nick Foles. If that is a penalty (and a fine in Roger Goodell’s NFL) then get out the flags and stop pretending this is still football.  Better yet but the QB’s in red jerseys and let them pick apart opposing defenses. Whatever the case I will be watching soccer. It really seems no matter what happens, whatever Fairley does he is going to get a PF penalty each game. It seems like every referee crew is ready to throw that flag, and the last few he has received have been highly questionable. The one today was a complete forgery.

Then on a 2 point conversion try the Lions were called for holding. I say the Lions because the penalty was called on Ndamukong Suh but he clearly was not holding anyone. From what I have seen thus far on replay the call wasn’t made in error on someone else. It was a bad call on a play that changed the momentum of the game, and far too often in today’s NFL calls like this help determine games.

I say help because simply but the Lions turn the ball over too much to be considered good, or to win games. That is the long and short of it. Good teams do not make this many turnovers. At times the only things the Lions seem good at is turning the ball over, taking bad penalties, having bad penalties called against them, dropping passes, and finding ways to lose football games.

In the end good football teams find a way to over come adversary. Good football teams have a player step up when needed to secure a victory. Good football teams win despite the really broken rules of the league they play in, and the Lions simply are not a good football team. Would it really shock anyone if they did not win another game this season???…Exactly.

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