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  1. Jaime B. Urroz

    You’ve “got to give it” (LOL) to the thousands upon thousands of mothers (or even fathers), who’ve named their sons Elvis because they either just liked or adored the Mississippi flash, and this inspite of the name itself never entering the top 200 in the US Social Security list of most common male baby names!! And then, and mostly depending on which part of the country, or the world, these guys grew up (LOL), and went to school to, it is they, at least those who became notable in their profession, and not just their parents, who must be congratulated for making it this big in the face of awe, ridicule or worse, at the mere sound of their names being uttered, in classrooms and sports facilities alike (LOL). According to Wikipedia, this is, or was the case, in addition to Dumerville, with Elvis Andrus (born 1988), Venezuelan baseball player, currently the shortstop for the Texas Rangers, Elvis Brajković (born 1969), retired Croatian football player, Elvis Crespo (born 1971), Puerto Rican Merengue singer, Elvis Duran, host of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Elvis Fatović (born 1971), Croatian water polo player, Elvis Grbac (born 1970), U.S-born former NFL quarterback
    Elvis Hammond (born 1980), Ghanaian footballer playing in Britain, Elvis Knapman (born 1985), Canadian race car driver, Elvis Martínez (born 1970), Venezuelan football (soccer) defender, Elvis Mitchell (born 1958), African-American film critic, formerly with the New York Times, Elvis Peacock (born 1956), U.S-born former NFL running back, Élvis Alves Pereira (born 1977), Brazilian footballer, Elvis Perkins (born 1976), U.S-born singer/songwriter, son of actor Anthony Perkins, Elvis Scoria (born 1971), Croatian football manager, Elvis Sinosic (born 1971), Australian Mixed Martial Artist and UFC Veteran aka The King of Rock N Rumble, Elvis Stojko (born 1972), former world champion figure skater from Canada
    and ;astly, Elvis Vermeulen (born 1979), French rugby player. So hail to all Elvises, and their parents…


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