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  1. Arv Edgeworth

    Quite a prophecy. Did you use a crystal ball to be able to foretell the future like that? It’s quite amazing that you already know Laird will not hit as well as .286 versus lefties, and will not throw out 38% of attempted runners. In your bio you said you would like to think you know what you are talking about. I doubt that foretelling the future would be one of them, not even Gerald Laird’s future. Laird might hit more than .286. he might hit less, he might throw out more than 38%, or it could be less. That is why they play the games. This is a brand new year with a brand new set of circumstances; things that are different are not the same. I believe Gerald is the right fit, at this time. Only one person actually knows what the results are going to be this year, and He hasn’t seen fit to reveal that to us yet. It is one thing to state what you think the outcome might be, it is quite another to state it as fact. Let the games begin. Go get em Tigers!

    1. Eric Steplitus

      HAHAHAHA! Mr. Edgeworth – That was cute. If you were to sit and write a column like I have, making PREDICTIONS for various players, you would not be doing anything different than I have been doing thus far. I disect numbers, because numers do not lie. I recall the eye test. I look at possible factors heading into this season. I make a call. I do not know if I should apologize for sounding confident in my PREDICTION, but it sure did set you off. Why? People do not make PREDICTIONS without feeling comfortable about what they are saying. I’m not sure if you are upset about not being the most confident about one of our boys, but that is not the case at all. In fact, for the job the Tigers signed him to do, which was give AA some rest, catch a good game, handle the staff well, and call a good game, Laird will do an adequate job. I am one of the more optimistic Tiger fans you will find, but I am also a realist. I’m sorry my PREDICTION upset you, but thank you for reading anyway. I know Gerald is not the most exciting player to read predictions on, that is why I chose him to be written about so early. Hopefully the rest of my PREDICTIONS will not upset you this much.


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