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  1. Kevin P. Kowalski

    how about just signing c.c. sabbathia? the tigers can score plenty of runs. why not bring in one superstar pitcher? we do need a few more players that perform well in the offseason. i think the acquisition of c.c. sabbathia would allow the tigers to win 105-110 games.

    verlander will win 21 games. fister will win 23 games. sabbathia will win 25 games. sherzer will win 15 games and porcello will win 15 games. that is ninety nine wins. we’ll let the relievers win a few as well. how good is that? problem solved.


    1. John Czech

      Hey Kevin,

      Tigers really don’t have 125 million dollars just laying around for CC. I agree to the fact that it would give the Tigers one of the best rotations in the league and we could easily make a deep playoff run with him in our rotation. But, the Tigers don’t don’t have the money that it would take to sign CC. Good thinking though! One can dream.

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  2. Jason

    Imagine signing Prince Fielder. Of course only if Miggy can still play third. This would give us the top 3, 4, 5 hitters! This would create some havoc in the runs scored column for sure.

    Another good addition would be Jose Reyes. This would give us a true lead off hitter. Imagine the 2 batting champs on the same team. Reyes also had as many stolen bases as our whole team did. Austin Jackson could hit ninth where he belongs.

    1. John Czech

      Hey Jason,

      I don’t think Cabrera could play third anymore. He is a bit bigger than he used to be when we first got him from the Marlins. Having Prince would give us one of the best line-ups in the MLB. How likely is that? Not likely. I think Fielder may end up on any of these clubs. Nationals, because they have a lot of money and they are really trying to buy players so when Bryce Harper comes up and starts to play a role and Stephen Strasburg really develops they will have a great team. Look how much cash they threw at Worth last off-season. They are going to try to get him. I can see the Giants making a huge push for him. They are a club that it’s no secret; they cannot score runs. Adding Fielder and maybe keeping Carlos Beltran to go along with a healthy Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval — that could be a great line-up.

      The last team I think Fielder may go to is the Blue Jays. They have already said during the season that they are going to be buyers during the offseason. That’s one of the main reasons why they traded Vernon Wells. To free up a lot of space so they can get someone else in the line-up to bash with Jose Bautista. They would have a great line-up as well with Fielder. Rasmus, Fielder, Bautista, Lind. They could make some noise.

      Jose Reyes — am I in love with the idea of signing him? You better believe it. I agree on everything you said. He is a true lead-off hitter. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Mets. I follow them very closely and this year I had the pleasure of watching about 115 games of theirs and I really don’t think Sandy Alderson is going to let him go without a fight. The Mets being a franchise that is struggling with money; the last thing they are going to do is let one of their main superstars walk. They traded Fransico Rodiguez, Carlos Beltran, and have already let a few people go since their season ended. They are going to make STRONG push to keep Reyes in a Mets jersey. I really do think he is going to sign.

      I liked your ideas and thoughts. Those two moves really would benefit the Tigers. Thanks for reading!!!

      – John Czech

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  3. Jarrod

    I really like your articles a lot on the Tigers and their needs and I agree 100% that the tigers need to get a backup catcher because we can’t have Avila catching over 150 games again and we don’t know how healthy Martinez will be to catch. To me we should go after Pudge or Posada for a backup. If the Tigers could get a good consistent second and third basemen with more bulllpen help I very strongly believe that next year the Tigers will win their first World Series title since 1984. What do you think?

    1. John Czech

      Hey Jarrod,

      I am so glad you brought up Pudge! I didn’t want to give away anyone who I was thinking about because I am trying to save that for another blog before the winter meetings begin. Since you brought it up, I really like the idea of bringing in Pudge. He is not going to provide much offense but I am not looking for a diamond in the ruff potential All-Star. I am looking for a guy that can catch 30-50 games and provide a solid glove behind plate and still can call a good game. I think a guy who has 13 Gold Gloves in his trophy case can provide that.

      I also think that he would be a very cheap signing. Since he has already been in Detroit before he knows the organization and he knows there is a great chance he could be apart of a team that could win it all. I also think signing him would not only benefit Avila but also Martinez. Think about it, we keep him from behind the plate, which keeps him fresh and keeps him from getting into situations that could get him injured while behind the plate. Like a ball hitting him in a bad spot, breaking his hand, a bat hitting him, and a runner blowing him over at the plate. We all know how big of a piece V-Mart is to this offense, as is Avila, so signing a back-up catcher helps both guys and would be great signing for the Tigers.

      Thanks for reading!!

      -John Czech

    2. John Czech

      Hey Jarrod,

      I wanted to bump this comment. I wanted to say you called it my friend. Hit the nail right on the head with your prediction.

      1. Gonzalo

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  4. Jim Hess

    John lucky for us the tigers have some options in the infield. If the sign a short stop Peralta can move to 3rd. If they do they can play Russian roulette at second. For a catcher there are more Treanor or Lairds around. They really need an outfielder more. I would really like to see some team speed. I think Jackson will bounce back once someone convinces him he is not a power hitter. I think Boecsh is a .275 25 85 kind of guy. I also think he is reckless with his body and can end up hurt at any minute. I like Boecsh batting number 2 behind Jackson. I like left handed pull hitters hitting there. I just wish he had more speed.

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  5. Hunter McDaniel

    what about cj wilson as our second starter? it would shore up the fifth spot in the rotation and allow turner to develop more until he is ready to be a strong starter, and we could add a good lefty to a righty dominant pitching staff. jv and cj could pack an great one-two punch with fister and scherzer behind them

    1. John Czech

      Hey Hunter

      I wouldn’t want CJ Wilson. He is going to be one of the biggest overpaid free agents this off-season because lack of quality pitching available. He is going to want a lot of money and he is not worth ace money when he is #2 starter in most rotations. I would rather give the spot to Turner and see what he can do with 30 starts a year.

      Thanks for reading!

      – John Czech

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  6. Harry Epstein

    I think getting Nick Swisher would be a terrific idea. We need outfielders who can hit the ball. He certainly qualifies…PLUS he’s a great teammate who would fit the Tigers like a glove. Pun intended.

    1. John Czech

      Hey Harry,

      Can’t get Nick Swisher, the Yankees already picked up his option. I really wouldn’t want Swisher anyways. I think a lot of his numbers benefit from playing at Yankee Stadium. I think if he played in Detroit he wouldn’t produce as well anyways. I am more than happy having my outfield with Boesch, Young, and Jackson.

      Thanks for reading!

      – John Czech

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