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  1. Ron

    Absolutely true Chris! You cannot count on 5,000 passing yards AGAIN this year. If you come into the 2012 campaign with more questions than answers at the RB position, other team D’s will FIND a way to send Matt Stafford either on his backside or throwing awkwardly while running for his well being. Teams that make the playoffs, and then ADVANCE in the post-season, have a balance of run-pass. Even the ‘Greatest Show On Turf” had a guy named Faulk!

    1. Aaron

      Why have they not pursuited Ronnie Brown whom they were attempting to get via trade during the 2011 season? I would also like to know where Zac Robinsin is ow. He appearded to be a decent backup QB diring the 2011 preseason. It would be nice to see he and Kellen Moore competing for the 3rd spot. I have never been a fan of just giving a spot away.

  2. jason

    So just saw this post and couldn’t disagree more fact is if everyone hasn’t noticed that we have built our team around Johnson and Stafford…. big reason for another receiver drafted….. we are not looking for a work horse but a goaline back and a game changer… not a workhorse… just need the guys we have to stay healthy but we will never have a great running attach.. I can stand people constantly saying lions need a running game and we will br a good team…. ah we need deffense to be a good team and because our back end is soft is why we pass so much…. I mean really even someone that doesn’t know football can see that and is why for now we will stick to what we have on O now lions wr need another LB AND DB… and if you disagree please watch replays of last year and tell me we can run to stay in a game.


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