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  1. NHLrick

    The Wings might have what it takes to squeak into a deep playoff series, but I don’t see the harm in trading a fringe prospect and a mid round pick for an expiring contract. The money comes back off the books after the playoffs so why not bolster the roster with a rent-a-player? Or give up a little (lot) more to get a big name and use the early negotiating rights to get him on a contract before free agency. Bare minimum I think we need another forward for the playoffs, I’m not entirely comfortable with emmerton/mursak rounding out the top 12 forwards, a solid responsible 3rd liner would be the bare minimum at this trade deadline IMO.

    1. Garrett K

      Thanks for the feedback, NHLRick!

      I am sick and tired of the notion that this hockey team will not go deep into the playoffs this season. I would love to know as to why they think this team is nothing more than a second round team. A rent-a-player strategy is not accustom for Holland, but I could see him doing this if he were to bring a Cup back to Detroit. You could try all you want to sign a guy before FA, but this team’s talent is so great and valuable I doubt you want to risk any sort of drastic action.

      I agree another forward might be needed. I am actually very very confident that Mursak could deliver, but Emmerton has had a few defensive slip ups. I mentioned that they could go out and get a guy, but this team is so loaded from top to bottom I don’t see the need at all.


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