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Detroit Sports 360 is the flagship web portal of the Your Sports 360 Network.  Detroit Sports 360 was one of the fastest growing sports sites on the Internet in 2011.  As our following grew, so did our network.  In 2011 we added Chicago, Indy, Dallas, St.Louis and Phoenix.  In 2012 we have already brought Carolina Sports 360 online.  Our first year in operations has been a huge success, and we are committed to continue bringing the voice of the fan to the masses in new and interactive ways in the years to come.


The Your Sports 360 Network targets a demographic of die-hard sports fans through entertaining and hard hitting opinion on all the latest sports news and rumors. We have eight live cities that deliver content from a fan’s point of view. 2011 also saw our 360 Girls section soar to impressive heights and garner national attention.

  • 70% Male
  • 8 Pageviews/Visit
  • 18% Bounce Rate
  • 205% New Visitor Growth per Month


The Your Sports 360 Network was started in November 2010 and we are just getting started.  Sports news and opinion is never out of season, and passionate fans follow their teams year round.  Also in December 2011, the Detroit Sports 360 Girls Next Door section reached over 200,000 pageviews alone, with most visitors coming from the local Michigan area.  The 360 Girls are now available on all 360 sites and add to the already prime advertising real estate opportunities.

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Dave Danese

Local Sales Director

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