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  1. itsfun

    Gonzalez is way to wild. He is a walk giving machine. When hitters make him throw strikes, he is not so effective. The Tigers don’t need another Kevin Willis.

    A team must have a good farm system. The Tigers cannot trade away every good prospect and expect to stay competitive in the future. Brandon Inge has only 1 or 2 season left as a starter. Are the Tigers suppose to sign another multi-million dollar free agent every time they need a position player? The Tigers ARE the defending champions in their division. I don’t see where any other teams in their division have improved their selves. A fifth started is needed, because a team can’t depend on a rookie stepping into the rotation. A veteran that can give them 200 innings and a 500 record is all that is needed. Didn’t Brad Penny give them that?

    1. Detroit Sports 360

      Dontrelle Willis?

      But to answer your question of Penny.. YES he did, and yes we need that.

      Brandon Inge was done as a starter 2 years in my mind. He sucks and sucks bad. He is the worst 3B in the major leagues… This is an unarguable point since he is DEAD LAST in every category of 3B.. that makes him THE WORST. Some of the fans try to argue this because they “like” him and he “used to be decent” .. but no one can change his production over the last 2 years.. and that’s what we must base our opinions one.. production.

      To win the Division is NOT why teams play baseball… if you ask any player, Manager, GM, President or Owner why they play the game.. it’s for one reason only… To win the World Series! So taking that into account I think it may give you a better idea of why I am saying these things.

      Yeah we won the division in a crap division, and we might again this year.. BIG MIGHT… BUT what does that matter if we don’t have a WORLD SERIES Winning team? And I believe we NEED a 3B, 2B and a Starter to be that world series winning team…. Of course I hope I am wrong :)


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