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  1. Kevin

    Mr. Biggers, I think you are kidding yourself if you think Drummond would help the toughness of this team. Kidd-Gilchrist or TRob (Assuming they Can’t get AD) are your two best bets if you want toughness on the roster. My choice would be MKG. The kid is a tireless worker, great in Detroit, high character, and extremely explosive. Couple him with Knight, and Monroe and and I think you have the makings of a playoff caliber team. All MKG does is win, to quote Skip Bayless. However, if both were gone, don’t overlook Terance Jones from Kentucky. The kid is tough and he and Knight worked well together when they were both at Kentucky.

    1. Adam Biggers

      I appreciate your input, but I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you about Drummond — but you make other good points.

      On Drummond: He is one of the most physically-sound players in the draft. Now, on toughness, are you referring to physical or mental? Because if it’s mental, I’d say Draymond Green (which I wrote recently) would be the pick in that case… later on, of course. Different topic, though.

      Back to MKG: He is the type of player, if put with Knight, that would give the Pistons a lot of speed. MKG is a threat from anywhere on the court, but he does his best work while driving to the hoop. He’s hard to guard (college, of course), but I’m not so sure he’s just a banger-type player. He’s great, though. Don’t get me wrong.

      As for Thomas Robinson: He’s not a bad choice. But I’d much rather have MKG or Drummond. Terance Jones would be another good choice. Not big on Sullinger or Tyler Zeller. Cody, maybe. Not Tyler.

      Thanks for commenting and reading. I’ll be doing something on second-round options today or this weekend. Have a fun Memorial Day and check back soon.

      1. matt

        I honestly feel that Royce White is going to be the steal of this draft!! I understand the Anxiety issues but NBA Doctors will handle that very quickly.. His Versatility and Toughness is insane and I have no idea why nobody has even mentioned him!! Outside of the first round i think your right about Green.. He has it all and i believe he will also be one of the steals of this draft.. If we can get Just one of those two we will be fine but to get both may be the best Draft in years… If you dont believe me now go watch the Iowa State-Kentucky tournament game and get back to me!!!

        1. Adam Biggers

          Matt, well said.

          I’ve heard a little about Royce White. You now have me curious. It’s easy to get caught up in the bigger names, but I always like to look at other “steals,” as you put it. For now, I’m focusing on the Lottery. Green, yes, would be a great second-rounder if he slipped. Or, the Pistons could execute a trade and get him.

          What are your thoughts on Thomas Robinson and Terance Jones?

          Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

  2. Shamir Ozery

    Although I agree with everything you said, I don’t really see what the discussion is about…
    Both Drummond and MKG are projected top 5 picks, which means that because the Pistons have about a 6% chance of getting within the top 3, they will probably end up getting their projected 9th pick.
    Although there are some interesting Center prospects at that place who could add toughness to Detroits front court – most notably Tyler Zeller, John Henson, and Sullinger (if you’re looking for an underrated Monroe Clone), both Drummond and MKG won’t be in play for the Pistons.

  3. matt

    Im glad u asked.. I honestly think Jones would be considered much higher in the draft if the Unibrow hadn’t of burst on the scene this year! However, Robinson is kinda scary to me because i think he may end up being a Thadeus Young type player.. which is decent but not the big that we’re looking for! My idea was if we end up with the 9th pick takin Royce white then or possibly trading down to get both White and Green… I know taking him at Number 9 would draw a lot of criticism but i really feel outside of Anthony Davis he is the best big in this draft so the critics will be quieted early!! when u get time please watch the game i mentioned earlier and watch how he dominated every single big man Kentucky had… The man has 3pt range.. hes fast with very good handles and court vision… And watching him drop step time and time again and dunk over Davis and Jones with ease was amazing to me!! The cyclones lost that game but he was by far the best player on the court! And to make sure it wasnt a fluke i watched more tape on him and read that he was recruited by Calipari and could have been the star on that star filled championship team!!! If we dont get him u mark my words “It will be a HUGE MISTAKE!! Thanks for your time

  4. matt

    Oh.. And Shamir I mean no disrespect but the only big u mentioned that i would consider is Henson!! Sullinger is a over hyped Dj White and if u take any Zeller it has to be Cody!! Also, Adam Biggers, I just thought of an intriguing trade possibility.. What do u think about trading down to Boston for an Emerging Brandon Bass and their later pick and possibly Taking Royce White if hes still there Or Draymond Green?

  5. matt

    …. Heres a Highlight video of White for u Adam… and hes 6’9 or 10 I believe for the record… the guy is Almost Lebron with a post game(That May be a stretch but you’ll understand once u watch)

    1. Adam Biggers

      I’ll take a look. Thanks for the heads-up. I know the Pistons have little shot of getting a top five pick, but it’s possible. The percentages aren’t very reassuring, but there is still a shot. I’ve seen a lot of mock drafts, and Perry Jones looks like the popular pick for the Pistons, according to My NBA Draft.net.

  6. matt

    Sorry hes 6’8 250 but plays much bigger!! They’re actually talking about him being one of the to SF in the draft but he can definitely be a dominant 4 man and can play the 3 if need be!! Im sorry i know i cant shut up about the guy but i know the game guys and he is the real deal!! Also look into the center from Illinois… Big 7 foot white kid with 3 point range.. he could also be a steal late.. Ok im done guys hope to hear from u soon

  7. Gabriel

    too bad none of those players will slip to the 9th pick and will be gone by then, only way we could get them is if we get a top 3 pick in the lottery, and i see us drafting perry Jones at 9, he has great potential

  8. matt

    Perry Jones=Amir Johnson


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